We are looking for YOU

January 12 / 2017

Dear group members and airplane-friends

We have a bad news:
But the project is not resolved, we “fight” still further.

An important project team member, Alex Steinkamp, has to resign immediately because health and family reasons.

We are currently only 2 people in the team (Benjamin Peirow and Karin Christen-Mezger).

For this reason, we urgently need some people to help during project work (preferably experienced in the business and financial and sponsoring sectors).

It does not matter where you live, is important in both languages (German and English, great would be still Arabic because VIP-MD-11).
Our concern is that we meet together several times to exchange and discuss it invensively.

Without you and only for two, the project is unfortunately not realizable. We do not have so much experience ourselves and would be very glad about your support.

Curious? Get in touch, no matter if 1 or 4 people, who are interested to take part in our project!

We look forward to your feedback!

Our e-mail: info@md11-projekt.de

Our website: http://www.project-md11.com/
You can look at what we are doing right now?

Otherwise you can join in our chat group “Project MD-11” to discuss. Contact us now!

“Aviatian” greetings
Karin and Ben