We have a rough budget as to how much the project would cost. The MD-11 engine has an electronics damage and needs to be repaired locally or the engines must be replaced. Lastly, the aircraft has to be overtaken for reasons of air traffic law in order to prove the flightability.

The approximate costs are as follows:

  • Buy the aircraft MD-11 for 150‘000 USD
  • Engine repair approximately 4-6 million USD after sale of engines
  • Flight from Jeddah to Berlin or Leipzig
  • Interior design with bistro / lounge, flight simulator (by external  company) and small museum with souvenirs.
  • Possibly to keep one engine, resell two others to the MD-11 operator to reinvest in the project.
  • Purchase and leasing of property, infrastructure

The budgeted money would be about 4 million USD to realize the aircraft project and to maintain the aircraft and the attraction in the long term.

It depends on whether we can collect enough donation money according to the `budget. If we do not reach it, other solutions are sought, or the project is given up.

We work voluntarily for this complex and unique project!