Old projects

1st attempt
Project with MD-11 from KLM
In the summer of 2014, I learned that the petition failed to save an MD-11 for the Dutch aircraft museum Aviodome. That’s why I started negotiating for the KLM MD-11 on my own initiative and had to give up. No suitable parking space in the Netherlands and in Switzerland as well as investors were found.
The search was expanded in Germany and found a parking space in Gera.
But the deadline was very short and the very last plane was then flown to the USA to be scrapped! BYE BYE – Blue MD-11

2nd attempt
Project with MD-11 from Martinair Cargo
We tried to buy the Martinair MD-11, PH-MCP (Pax version with window) and was in negotiation with the fleet manager. Because of a big financial risk (non-refundable deposit), we have declined, although we have found a parking space. It was still annoying that the financial authorities in Gera had to wait a long time for us to recognize our association. A lots of valuable time was lost …!
It is particularly unfortunate that we could not find any suitable sponsors and investors.
We would have received a parking space in Gera, Germany. Because of too short a slope and weak ceiling cover one would have to dismantle the aircraft MD-11 after its landing in Leipzig and transport by special trucks to Gera. This is very complex and involves high costs.

Now is 3rd try, the project with VIP MD-11