! The aircraft project is given up !

From the Facebook entry:


Hello dear MD-11 friends, “Readers” from project and group members.

Unfortunately this will be our last word …

To date, a few more cancellations of sponsorship requests have been received; And again no new surveys arrived!

All interest in the MD-11 project has continued to fall and the budget for funding has not been reached. At the moment only about 15’000 USDollar from MD-11 fans, sympathizers and friends (including participate with me)!

It is worthwhile after some “attentions” and “messages” in different FB groups (Aviatik, MD-11, Spotterfreunde, etc.) also no longer remain active!

Benjamin and I have decided to give up our very complex project MD-11 definitely and buried! !

Our website will be switched off at the beginning of May week and this FB-Project MD-11 will be closed.

I will continue to work with some good friends (also Benjamin) on private initiative for the VIP-MD-11 and do not publish any information here !!

If you would like to stay in contact with us and would like to support us, you are very welcome.
Please write me a private message. So I’m sure you’re interested in the MD-11 and are not a wildly different person!
I will notify you of my new account if I have opened it.

Problem is:
My private account “Karin Christen-Mezger” was hacked just before Easter and get so suddenly many friendships. I do not like that anymore, and I only want to get over it! I would like to open a new account slowly, “copy” some important and beautiful pictures and delete my old account.

It is no longer “Karin Christen-Mezger”, but in another name!

We wish you all the best!

Best regards
Karin Chisten and Benjamin Peirow